Sunday, January 22, 2012


 My juxtaposed personality shows in my work. I'm hectic but neat. My imagination is on all the time and I see my work as unrealistic, childish but sophisticated. I use printmaking techniques to create pieces of art not computer generated pieces. I have tried too understand Photoshop but we just don't get along. I think its because I feel less in control of what I do, but with printmaking I feel I have more freedom even though the outcome of each print is unpredictable it's more exciting with the different textures that appear on the surface which gives off more personality than what a computer might do. when things don't go my way I learn and I more on. Having a time limit you can't sit around and be sad for a few days you just carry on.

My brain is always the sponge and never the brick.

In my art and design foundation have created 3D piece outcomes and if I have to be honest it wasn't that great, so by putting it through the printmaking process the image was completely different and much better. 
I thrive for the best original outcome and to be better as an artist. I utilise traditional printmaking techniques because it is what I am best at and always willing to try something new to further my skills.

I will give graphic design a twist of texture and surfaces but with a design contemporary.

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